wip 10.29.11

field trip day.
took ben to my work, nick's work, and my grandma's to visit. everyone was asking about ben's costume and my mom happened to be off for fall break, so we planned a lunch with my grandma. the others kinda just fell into place after that.

{pardon the photos. all were taken on my iphone...}

somebody found a flag in his toy box and insisted on running down the sidewalk with it before we left.

he is obsessed with the water dispenser at nick's work.

eating his favorite hamburgers.

trying on mommies new shoes. 

lots going on. lots of decisions.
were able to make it out to see nick's nana at hospice. {we had tried to go as frequently as possibly. it's so hard with work and that it wasn't exactly close to us.} stayed for a few hours and headed home.

had a murder mystery party at the cooper's that evening. nick wasn't sure what he wanted to do. but in the end, decided we should go to take our mind off of everything that had been going on. about an hour or so before we were leaving, we got the phone call that his nana had passed away. i'm so glad that we made it out there and had just spent time with her a few hours previous. and nick still wanted to go to the party.

it was unlike any murder mystery party we had attended. was my favorite by far. jay and christy {or should i say christy} did an amazing job. the house was decorated. the food was great. and although nick was a camera touting tourist, he didn't take many pictures!

i have this one before we got started. and i won't embarrass the others by sharing theirs. ;)

a day to breathe. sort of. we did a boatload around the house since we hadn't been home much.

ben even helped.

then the boys had a house call for their haircuts. thank you val. you make my life easier! :) she even took nick's pants home to hem. love her.

totally needed that lazy day to catch up. was nice to have a clean house and some non shaggy boys!

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