ten on thursday 11.3.11

because life just got a wee bit crazy around here.

- ben loved halloween. he loved trick or treating. and was mr. independent and wanted to 'do it by myself mama.' and he did. he also gave out handfuls of candy to our trick or treaters. was so sweet. one boy was like, 'can i really keep all of it!?'
- my kid is a rockstar. seriously, he did so awesome at nick's nana's memorial service yesterday. so proud.
- i love my husband. i love that he's my best friend. that we're partners. that we can anticipate what each other needs without words. we just know. like that dirty martini yesterday evening at the memorial dinner. perfect. ;)
- top chef texas. oh yeah!
- had high hopes for running {not run/walking} this hot chocolate. however, the fact that i haven't ran in two weeks has totally changed my goals. i just wanna finish! {maybe in 40 minutes. we'll see if i change that before saturday.}
- i found this. and am obsessed. some of them are beyond spot on. like the high expectations. so me. i go in spurts with astrology. not sure i believe in horoscopes and all that... but these were fun to read.
- i just finished watching kim's fairytale wedding. yup. finished the day after the big d announcement. i love khloe.
-my boyfriend was on jimmy fallon last night. you know what that means?! history of rap. part 3.
- ben has gone back to calling me 'mama'. it totally melts me. nick is still daddy. or nick!
- even though i love halloween, i couldn't stand the decorations any more. nick yelled at me when i tried to take everything down on monday. told me it was too soon! it's on the top of my to do list for this evening. ;P

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