ten on tuesday. 11.8.11

- the hot chocolate this weekend was crowded. like almost too crowded to run. but the chocolate was yummy. and i did it. ran the entire way. well, except when some family member lovingly pulled my pony to get my attention... then we chatted and i walked for a few moments. then i was off. i think it was just over a 13 minute mile. so a little over 40 minutes for the total. and i'm beyond happy with that. ;)
- i love fleet feet. they totally let me return my shoes that i bought three weeks ago. never wore them running. just to work and on the elliptical and trick or treating... ended up with red marks on my pinky toes after the race. got me some shiny new kicks for an even exchange. awesome!
- signed up for another run. this one is in december! can't decide if i want it to snow or not! i think this one might just be the two of us. we'll see.
- ben will actually watch another cartoon. cars has been his go to favorite. we were able to convince him to watch toy story for a bit tonight instead and i think he liked it. we tried ice age and he hated it. got scared when the baby was all alone. and he tolerated madagascar.
- i miss sunshine. i know we're back on 'regular' time. but i so don't like going to work when it's dark. or coming home when it's dark.
- am in the mood to read, but i cannot decide on what to read. sucks.
- 'people generally see what they look for, and hear what they listen for.' - said by judge taylor in to kill a mockingbird. one of my favorite books. and so totally true. {note to self: please stop doing that!}
- and speaking of favorites, one of my all time favorite movies was on pw's website. check it out.
- i feel like this post is way link heavy.
- love that my hubby is a geek. totally figured out what was wrong with my itunes and apps after upgrading to the new operating system. love him. i so do not have the patience for that sort of stuff.

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