ten on tuesday. 11.29.11

- had a patient tell me they tore their rotisserie cuff the other day. and she corrected me when i called it a rotator cuff. really?
- told ben i had to go to the bathroom. he said, 'ok momma' left and came back into the room with a wipe. so funny.
- christmas decorations are up! minus the outside lights. but the 40 mph wind gusts haven't been very conducive to outdoor projects.
- love shopping for christmas. online. got a bunch of boxes the past two days. so close to done!
- now just to get them wrapped...
- have an itch to go to hallmark. i think putting all the ornaments up made me wanna check out the new ones this year. might have to stop tomorrow on my way home...
- am giving myself a project for this friday: upstairs closet. so needs to be done. thinking i might hold myself accountable if i put it here.
- pinterest is being uncooperative again. thus, no linkies today. ;(
- really wishing i had the desire to read a book. so am not in the mood as of late.
- nick picked up our race packets for this weekend. it's just the two of us. i'm kinda excited for a date run with my hubs! and the goody bags are awesome!

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