wip 10.15.11

the start of our insane 24 hours!

drove to st. charles for robin and ryan's wedding.
it was uber windy outside. and a bit chilly. 

two super cute flower girls with their grammy. :)

loved all the different colored dresses. so fun for fall!


waiting for dinner. 

yay! her shower gift at the seating table. makes my heart happy!

the mini coopers in a mini cooper. ;)

gotta love ry's smile.

you knew there would be a selfy.

this one gives me flashbacks. totally reminds me of tom and jen's wedding. 

then we left st charles and drove to chicago. got there around 1215 am. just to have dave fall asleep after we called and asked him to let us in their building. finally made it to their condo at like 1230. then we chatted. then we played with baby sage. then we slept.

early wake up call. like 545 early. oof!
then it was off to the urbanathalon. such a cool experience. would totally do it again. not sure i would do the entire thing. i'm a big fan of our relay team... go hot mommies {thanks for the killer name steph!}.

i did the first leg of our relay. i had to run a little more than three miles and do some crazy obstacles. {like scale a giant tractor tire! was the first thing i saw and was immediately cursing! then i had to hop police barriers and do a tire run. the next set was a different police barrier and a cargo crawl.} was able to make it to the finish line to see nick cross!

here's a shot of the last obstacle. well, before the giant wall they had to scale.

there's a nicholas in this picture....

just after he crossed the finish line.

with his medal.

dave looks extremely happy to be finished.


so proud of the boys. they hung together until the soldier field obstacle {a bazillion stairs}. 

our team.

you could climb around on the last obstacle. we took quite a few pictures. this one totally makes me smile.

love the city in the background.

and just some of the mud the boys endured.

then we came home. i took like a 30 minute power nap and we headed right back out.
stopped by my parent's to help them with a few things since they were able to move all their stuff back in.

ben entertaining me with a mini laundry basket. i love that kid.

and the boys hard at work.

then we headed to see nick's nana at her new place {assisted living} and celebrate nick's mom's birthday. phew!

nick's family had spent all day moving nana in. we made it in time for dinner and cake.

and a family photo op with nana.

nick and i were exhausted.  but we made ourselves go. it's so easy to say that we're tired or there will be another day but we sucked it up and went. and i'm so glad we did.  {these are the last pictures we have of nana. this was her last day of being truly with us. she was taken to the hospital the very next day and passed two weeks later.}

we didn't leave the house.
all of the following photos were taken on my phone. so pardon the blurriness.

ben enjoying his colored rice.

then we built a fort.

and ben thought his frisbee was a hat.

and lost his pants. and decided that jumping off the couch could only be done with a hat and no pants.

the end.

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Trisha said...

Those pictures made me cry. I'm so glad that you guys were able to go out and see her that evening. I wish I had brought my camera to get a picture of nana with me and my kids.

Thanks for sharing those. They are definitely special pictures.