wip 10.8.11

worked. and girl's night out for nick's mom's birthday.

i cleaned out one of my drawers in the bathroom. got rid of a ton of old rubber bands. ben is a garbage picker. he totally dug them all out and proceeded to wear them! what can i say? the boy loves his bracelets! ;)

had dinner at hamada. and saw the ides of march.
gave gigi her new kitchen aid mixer. happy birthday. merry christmas. happy mother's day to her from all of her children and her sister.

it was sooo nice outside.
we took a family bike ride. love all the trails by our house. stopped at a playground along the way so ben could stretch his legs.

they had the coolest swings. i just couldn't help myself.

then we headed to dairy queen. love that there is a food stop along the way.

yes, he is putting a goldfish cracker on my spoon. {we enjoyed creeping daddy out with our strange food combination.}

good to the last drop. i think his cereal eating skills came into play here...

then we turned and headed back.
was a long 8 miles back...
wee man fell asleep. in the beginning he kept letting his head fall backwards and kept hitting my chest. then he finally slouched over onto my arm. lemme tell ya, that was comfortable... not.

and a close up of sweet mr. ben.

headed to my parents to grab some peppers and pumpkins.
their house was currently under construction from the damage they had back from that storm when they were repairing their roof.

yay pumpkins from the meyer pumpkin patch!

ben loves helping grandpa pick the peppers and tomatoes.

silly boy wouldn't listen to us and ate a jalapeno.

he told us, 'it's not spicy' after he took a bite. nick begged to differ!
then we came home and passed out. was a long day in the sun. i was ready for my comfy bed.

somebody has a sticker obsession.

then we headed outside. nick wanted to finish up some stuff with the shed.
ben loves it. his favorite part is jumping off of it!

but he thought his tri-cycle was more fun today. i have no idea where he learned to do a wheelie. 

i'm pretty sure he learned to work on 'cars' from uncle kevin. ;D

then it was back to the shed. and a super fun game of throwing a ball through the windows. seriously, was probably a good 30 minutes of entertainment. it's the little things!

then it was a nice relaxing evening inside with the boys.
made a nice dinner: brussel sprouts {can't find the recipe now} and super, yummy chicken. thumbs up from all three of us. love when that happens!

and getting used to a new kitty. meet chewbacca. {not the prettiest picture. but he is handsome.}

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