twelve on tuesday. 11.22.11

an all ben edition.
because i was planning this on his 32 month birthday... but that's turkey day, so i changed my mind!

- went downstairs with nick and came upstairs with a 'new toy' from the basement {we recycle toys regularly}. i asked him what he had and he replied, 'a basketball hoot.'
- knows how to work the playstation to play his movies {turning it on, putting in disc, and what buttons to push on the controller to get it started.} i think we're in trouble!
- you know you're a parent of a little boy when you find a rock in your bed.
- ben has finally agreed to watch something other than the cars movie, wipeout, or dinosaur train. he watched thomas like 7 times over the weekend. {note to self: record chuggington. and auntie, whenever i think of thomas, i think of matthew's homemade halloween costume!}
- we are officially binky free! was a rough few days. thank you to wonderful grandmas who had to babysit when we decided to kick the habit.
- walked around saying he was a 'big boy' during this process. only to say, 'i'm a baby' when it was time for bed. so sweet.
- talks to the kitties in a totally hilarious, high pitched voice. makes me laugh every time. maybe one day i'll think to record him when he feeds them.
- i thought ben was gonna freak out in the car on the way home today. we saw 'frank'. one of the corn fields was being plowed on the way home. it was great! he was mesmerized. sat there completely wide eyed.  told nick about it immediately when we got home.
- he's started making this completely ridiculous surprised face. so funny. and i love that he holds this pose for added drama.
- refuses booster seats or high chairs when we are out at restaurants. {refer to big boy comment above!}
- loves wearing hats. we have a visor and an old baseball hat in his toy area. he insists on wearing at least one of them while playing baseball or football. and if you leave a random hat out, he'll have it on his head almost instantly.
 - is totally diggin yankee doodle dandy {there are a boat load of lyrics for that one!} and the days of the week song.

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