wip 10.22.11

nothing too exciting.
hair appointment and came home to this on my doorstep. ;)

i love zappos. however, i had to send these back. weren't exactly what i was looking for... but a few days later, another pair wound up on my doorstep and stayed. love them. now if only i can convince nick that i need a pair in black too...

up and at em early.
nick and dave were running in the monster dash. so steph and i tagged along with the kiddos.

nick and ben all dressed up.

little miss sage all bundled up.

mario and waldo. if nick would have known, he would have gone as luigi. but that would have required dave to buy his outfit some time other than 24 hours prior to the start of the race!

a family photo op after. not the greatest.

everyone crammed onto the tram. poor little sagers.

the kids were crabby, so instead of hanging around for the awards, we went home. it would have meant waiting like four hours and we just weren't up for that. found out the next day, that had we stayed, nick would have gotten a trophy. he finished something crazy like 5th overall. {2nd in his age class.}

that evening we went out to 'the carrot' for dinner with friends.

hugging the birthday boy.

cheers. me, john, and steph. with a few stragglers in the background.

was an early evening. we had a long day!

went to potawatomi zoo for their halloween festivities. nick's sister invited us. thought ben would totally enjoy it. and he did!

the dragon checking out the tiger. ;)

a quick shot of the kids. we're missing one... i believe he was in a stroller.

then we split up because it was just too crazy.

ben not sure what he thinks of this mummy.

the coolest pumpkins. totally perfect for the petting zoo!

ben checking out some goats. there was one just a few feet away. he's lucky he didn't get a kiss.


love bug.

waiting patiently to ride the train.

all aboard.

the shadows made me smile.

check out those teeth! i've never seen one smiling before.

a little birdie wanted some nerds. 

 smile.  mommy and ben. <3

when we were done we tried to get in touch with nick's sister, but they had left.
so we had nothing but time. they have this huge area full of leaves right outside of the zoo. it's amazing. this tree lover was in heaven. and even more so, when ben was agreeable and played in the leaves. not the easiest target out in the elements. but oh well. i'll take em.

 trying to convince ben that it's more fun to throw leaves than the football he got at the zoo!

love autumn.

there was a pretty big pile in the middle of the field. 

yay. another mommy and ben photo. i love that nick will take pictures too!

all done. we're tired and hungry.
decided to go to between the buns. got a coupon trick or treating at the zoo. thought why not? something new.

i spy purdue pete on a notre dame menu. {and ben totally, spontaneously did boiler up while we were at the restaurant. i was a little nervous until i saw some boilers a few booths down. they were laughing. phew!}

this bloody mary was HUGE!

food was good. i'm glad we tried it. it was also a way to pass some time. they were moving nick's nana to hospice and by stopping here, we bought some time and were able to stop by on our way home.

and i'm tired. another long weekend!

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