halloween 2011

love halloween.
so fun to see all the wee ones dressed up. and i think it's fun to dress up too!

very thankful that my job lets us dress up for work.

here are the four 'cool' people who dressed up!

i got a ton of compliments on my costume. it was cheap and comfy. i loved it!

ben had a halloween party at school. i didn't attend this year. but he said he had a good time and he came home with some pretty full goodie bags!
he was so excited to go trick or treating. we practiced what we say the entire car ride home. he was ready! however, when it came time to go outside, he wanted to ride his bike instead!

family photo op!

told ben it was time to go trick or treating and he said, 'ok' and proceeded to dig candy out of our bag. he would not agree to put it back in the bag, so he walked around with a sucker.

first house. 

i believe this was the third house. he told me, 'i do it myself' and then told me where to wait for him. mr. independent.

made it back home. he did the majority of our block. {couldn't believe that one of the houses had their sidewalk barricaded off. they used their garbage cans and you couldn't get past their driveway. lame.}

getting ready to check out his loot.

saying cheese with gigi.

our pumpkin collection. ben's is inside... oops!

 ben is a choco-holic. loved that he got some hershey kisses. and a certain grandparent, ahem gigi, let him eat all five! oh well, it's only halloween once a year. ;)

ben was very helpful in handing out candy. he said trick or trick and you're welcome to all of the kids. and he was very generous. we had one child ask if it was okay to keep everything that ben put in his pillowcase. {that parent should be proud!}

with grandma and grandpa.

the clown and waldo. 

silly nick. i mean, waldo.

had the cutest monkey and ariel come visit. they had scored popcorn from a neighbor. apparently, he pulls out an old fashion machine and hands it out every year. we must venture a bit further next year! also, heard that one of the neighbors was handing out ramen. had a few kids ask us if we knew where to go to get it!

and miss maddi all dressed up too! and i guess robin could be considered in costume. kind of a bonus when your uniform could double as a costume, right?

such a fun evening. so great to spend time with loved ones. so thankful the weather was cooperative and it didn't rain or snow and was relatively warm! so happy that ben had a great time. looking forward to next year already! ;)

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