ten on tuesday 11.15.11

- one of the routes that i take to works leads me down a residential street. they have piles upon piles of leaves on both sides of the road. i have an overwhelming urge to drive through them! {so far, i've resisted...}
- had the occ packing party sunday. it was a success. over 370 boxes packed. i'm starting to save stuff for next year already!
- was going to link some recent recipes but pinterest hates me. {and i'm beyond annoyed with all their 'hiccups'}
- bought part of my outfit for the santa hustle. sooo excited. hope it fits!
- went to a norwex party last night. totally strange to this medical professional that i can kill salmonella with just water and this towel. her demonstration was pretty convincing. so i did buy a few things. we'll see how sparkly clean i can get this house with their stuff. and the rep ended up being the mom of someone i went to high school with!
- excited for howl at the moon this weekend.
- am liking twilight less and less. {i blame pinterest.} bella is a pretty lame heroine. my life sucks. two guys love me. hermione. she kicks ass. not afraid to be smart. i hate that i'm comparing wizards and vampires. hoping that the movie doesn't disappoint this weekend.
- who knew an app about frogs could be so damn addicting. and there's a cheat website for it. really?!
- cannot get enough mumford and sons right now.
- just tried pinterest again. still hates me. and that's like 45 minutes later since i'm the worst at coming up with these lists. and i'm easily distracted. so phone calls and texting tend to interrupt!

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