wip 11.3.12

nick had the day off because we were supposed to travel to indy for him to participate in the mini marathon.

the best start to a day off... scrambled diner! nick got the reuben skillet. i had the cincinatti omlette. both were delicious.

then we split up and he ran a few errands and i ran a few errands.
we met at home and headed out for a movie. saw pitch perfect. we weren't expecting much. it was sooo funny. will definitely own that one! 

and i'm kinda excited for the hobbit. wasn't a big fan of lord of the rings, but the hobbit has me intrigued. maybe it's their obsession with food. i'm all about multiple meals! :)

ran a bunch more errands after the movie and after picking ben up from school.

i know i shouldn't have been surprised... but really. christmas stuff already?! i can't handle it!

someone hit the jack pot at old navy. 

a super healthy dinner on the go. we were not expecting to be out so late. oh well...
ben is loving his new dice he got out of the machine at old navy!

pardon his hat head. 

once ben was asleep nick and i started american horror story. we missed the first season. thought we would watch a few episodes of this season and give it at try. five minutes in, we stopped it and bought the season on amazon so we could start from the beginning. so good!


i think our pumpkins are kaput. 

entertaining a three year old while shopping for home improvement items....

checking it out with daddy.

ben spied the hot dogs. 

errands done.
home and jousting. i think we might need to purchase more pool noodles. these have definitely been worth the money!

someone found the old batteries. totally takes after his momma since he lined em up like that!

work book time!

grilled cheese dinner. grilled cheeses might be one of my favorite food groups. so easy and so many options! 

ended up having an impromptu movie night. had family stop by to drop off some of ben's baby things they had borrowed. ended up talking about snow white and the huntsman, so we watched it! better than i thought it would be. still not a fan of kristen stewart. charlize theron is amazing.

tracing time.


what? you mean the markers aren't blocks? 

had a lazy day.
nick worked on a home improvement project.
ben hijacked an old pot and a lid. or shield as he called it.

found nick's old phone and new phone in a funny location....

then it was soup making time!

apparently, beads, noodles, a screw driver, a cell phone or three, necklaces, balls, and his army men weren't enough. he thought he should add a little benjamin!

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