halloween pinterest project 2012 - tutu skirt.

wanted to make my costume a bit more girly.

decided to make my own tutu. have seen and heard of people making one for their little ones, figured it shouldn't be too difficult to alter it to a grown up size.

googled how to make a tutu and it seemed do-able.  thought i would give it a go.

stephanie let me borrow her tutu after boo at the zoo. totally helpful for determining length and the waist band. and if i failed, i had a back up!

got my materials and i'm ready to go. i bought elastic for the waistband and 10 yards of tulle. 5 shiny and 5 plain.

here we go!

i cut the tulle where the lady had folded it. then cut my strips. i forget the exact measurements. and someone stole my camera during the process. ahem, benjamin. see...

okay back to the tutu. cutting the strips was a pain in the ass. easy. but very time consuming. gave me a ton of respect for those project runway designers. ;)

once the strips were done it was easy-peasy. just looped them onto the elastic band.

i put the plain black on first. then i went back and added the sparkle. i gave up and didn't put as many strips on as i probably should have. oh well, i'll go back and finish that up. but i procrastinated and wanted to be done!

ended up wearing stephanie's tutu to work despite all of my hard work. the other one was just too puffy to wear when taking care of patients.  not to mention that it left a glitter trail!

took it to work to show my coworkers that i really did make it and ended up letting one of them borrow it for the day.

i think it went perfectly with candace's home made teenage mutant ninja turtle costume, don't you? well, she wished it was blue since that was the color of her shorts underneath... told me i should have made her one!

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