wip 10.20.12

had an early morning visitor. ;)

i worked!?!
ugh, i am crazy. it's been so chaotic. not sure what i was thinking? perfect gloomy morning to be in bed.  my clock is fast. i was not late! 


a mcdonald's treat. i think everyone else had my idea!

my new carpal tunnel friendly mouse pad. hoping my keyboard one shows up soon. but i didn't get to use it all day. we were so short staffed, there were actually enough computers that i didn't have to be in my office. was so nice. 

left by 2. yippee! wasn't as awful as i anticipated. love being a pessimist.
ran to walmart for some scrubs. i seriously hate that store. then did a quick stop to grab groceries.
came home before the boys and had about 45 minutes to spare, so i jumped in the tub!
was much needed.

my dinner because i was too brain dead to cook. it was seriously good. sorry for crappy picture. apparently, the margarita impaired my picture taking ability. ;)

nick and i watched the woman in black.  nick was scared. me, not so much. and i did not like the ending. but i didn't keep thinking that i was watching harry potter, so that's good, right?

tried to run out to the tile store. they were closed. good job nick. ;)
ran to target for a few things. ben enjoyed a slushie.

stop and shop for lunch. i'm gonna miss them grilling in the winter. 


someone was adamant that he wasn't tired. about 2 minutes after he said that, this is what happened.

nick had to head out to work when we got home. i watched a few grey's... seriously. they are killing me, while ben napped.

then we headed to rob and ry's anniversary party. 

my super crunchy smore. made with robin's home made reese's peanut butter cups.

nothing better. a bevie, friends, fire. okay, maybe if it wasn't like 10 degrees outside. was quite chilly!

they have new stuff you can put on the fire to change the color of the flames. i was amazed. heck, i think everyone that walked by was. so cool. 

i think the guy sitting across from me is a champion smores maker. notice his shoe holding the marshmallow roaster.
oh and i learned 'burn and turn'. new technique for a perfectly burnt mallow.

rob and ry set off some lanterns. love that they were pumpkins. was too lazy to move away from the fire. and cold. so this is as good as it gets. 

more fire!

my stranger husband. he was mr. chatty. chris and i kept each other company by the fire. and chris and i are apparently 16 year old school girls. someone mentioned 'pitching a tent' and we could not stop laughing. mature.

he was trying to be mad at me. ;)

almost lost a marshmallow. was hysterical. 

nick entertained chris and i by hitting himself over and over with this balls on a string. i have no clue what they're called.

got home midnight-ish. i think i thawed out by 4 am. so cold. jas even commented on how frozen my ear was when we hugged good night!

beans finally got a chance to try out his new wheels. he and nick picked it up from derya's house earlier in the week. and it rained whenever we had a chance to get out and let him use it!

gotta work on his driving skills. he doesn't get holding down the pedal. and he isn't the best at steering yet. kinda surprising since he's normally so good on his bike!

time for boo at the zoo! 
our friends recently moved out of the city. they now live near brookfield zoo, so they invited us over to see the house and then head out to the zoo.

i hate our the gps on our phones. so i printed directions. still got lost. apparently, i'm a bad navigator! ha. 

made it! was nice to have a chance to chat before we were running every which way at the zoo.

drea helping nick out with the props. 

the kidlets!

playing outside. they were having such fun, a neighbor boy just hopped in and was running around too. was crazy. couldn't figure out who's kid was hanging on nick's leg!

robin and bat girl. 

made it to the zoo. more running!

trying to get another group photo. ben was NOT having it. 

see nick trying to hold him in the picture. awesome. you can see steph peeking out back there too. it's hard to keep miss sage in one spot!

thankfully, the crying stopped and he was a rockstar the rest of the day. yay!

the funky looking tapir. he sprayed at one point. was so gross. just as we walked away, he turned and sprayed the crowd. thank goodness we missed that.

bat girl, blue batman, and robin.

cheesing it up on a rock.

gabby, drea, and ben.

momma and baby hanging  on the trees. took me a minute to figure out that she wasn't wearing a bikini. or wasn't two toned. i know, i'm silly. whatever. i can laugh and share. ;)

not sure why ben has jazz hands. ;)


he looks a bit different in this picture, no? 

love the gorillas.

ben never wants to cooperate with this. figures when he finally does, it's a water droplet?

sharing one with raymond.

the gang.

yummy cheese popcorn.

dolphins. raymond's face cracks me up!

sort of group shot.

checking out the sea lions. or seals. i always forget how to keep them straight.

i love fall. 


yay pretty tree back ground.
boo chopping off ben's head.

ah, almost. 

this lion was crazy. the male got up walked around, then went back to where he was originally sitting. he kept growling and making the strangest noises. was way cool to experience.


was an amazingly gorgeous day. we were so lucky.


darn it. the first was better if only we would have paid attention to the sun!

was surprisingly not busy. think it's because we missed the parade and went later in the day.

round and round time. 



bill and the girls.

have been so cautious about going on a weekend, glad we did! was cool to see the animals out and about. seems like whenever we go, it's so hot, the animals are all inside.

i think we were tired after a long few days. look where nick tried to hang my keys!

good thing the rest of the evening was spent chilling and watching football, not sure we could have gotten much of anything done!!

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