ten on tuesday 11.13.12

- why can i never remember to use instagram? i guess i just want it to edit photos. not necessarily share them, since that is what the blog is for... think i found another option that may work. let's see if i can remember that one!

- bought new scrubs for the first time in about three years. couldn't believe how much warmer the pants were. amazing how thin they can become after 837927829 washes. ;)

- ben was jousting with nick paused to try one of my doritos, i forget what flavor, turned to me and said, 'that's spicy.' walks over gets water. tells nick, 'i'm gonna open my mouth and breathe fire.' and he does. opens his mouth and starts making fire breathing noises at nick. seriously. where does he come up with this stuff?

- love that ben is super snuggly right now. he cuddles and puts his arm around my neck when i'm putting him to sleep. so tempting to just fall asleep with him!

- started watching american horror story. we're hooked. had to purchase the first season after watching about 5 minutes of the second season.

- kid christmas shopping = done! this upcoming jury duty has me nervous about shopping!

- had pumpkin spice creamer for the first time recently, why did i wait so long? it's deee-licious. now i gotta stop at starbucks and try the flavor everyone raves about.

- actually got a thirty minute lunch today and left at a decent time. yay!

- seriously annoyed with some of the songs on the radio nowadays. like rhianna's s & m song. really kids don't need to hear those lyrics. and the new bruno mars. 'your sex takes me to paradise.' who wants to explain that one to a little one? ugh. and double ugh, i'm turning into a grouchy old lady!

- ben and i were talking about schools on the way home from daycare today. told him the names of all of the schools he would be going to, barring any unforeseen moves in our future, and one of those schools is named clark. when nick walked in the door, ben ran up to him and yelled, 'daddy, when i'm bigger, i'm going to clark kent school!' hilarious!

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