ten on tuesday 11.6.12 voter edition!

- when researching who i was going to vote for, i noticed that indiana has a lot of candidates with mustaches? {okay, maybe only two but when i'm only looking at a few individuals, doesn't two seem like a lot?}

- i hate it when someone says that they aren't going to vote because they don't want to wait in line. really? and i'm pretty sure that same person will wait in line for some black friday sale. sad.

- love that my town misinformed me twice {website and phone call} as to where i should vote. i went to the wrong polling place this am. luckily, i figured it out. so irritating. wonder how many other votes went to the wrong location.

-  handed my id to the lady {sitting diagonally across from me} so i could sign my name and get voting, she took it, found my name, and looked up at this 83 year old lady standing in front of her and said, 'you're in the right place.' really? do i look like a 4'11" gray haired old lady? scary how little they pay attention.

- got to the building a bit after 6 am, there was quite a line. and the geniuses had the end of the line, in the center of the room. it swirled around in a circular fashion. they were thinking bright and early, i tell ya! {and yes, i'm being sarcastic.}

- thank goodness we just had the time change and it wasn't a completely arduous task to get up at 5:15, so i could vote at 6. had to get back home to take ben to school and then nick could go vote. yay teamwork. 

- informed voters make me happy. democrat or republican. the choice is yours.

- cannot believe how many people are on the fence about who to vote for. seems like a crazy majority this time around. i, too, was one of those people...

- sad that i didn't get an 'i voted' sticker. i was thisclose to stopping to ask for one! 

- read this today and loved it. i am disheartened by people who tell me my opinion is stupid or wrong when i don't share their opinion. we are all entitled to our own beliefs. please, no need to be mean about it. let's just agree to disagree.


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