pumpkin patch. 10.10.12

Today we took a trip to the pumpkin patch.  Mommy took Ben to the apple orchard so Daddy got to take him to the pumpkin patch.  Thankfully I was only there as Ben's companion, and not as a chaperone.  Otherwise I would have to slap some of these kids.

You can't tell from this picture but Ben is sitting in circle listening to instructions from his teacher.

Sitting on the bus waiting patiently to arrive.  (Actually he has my phone in his lap which is the best way I know to keep him quiet and entertained.  Don't judge me.)

Ben on the hayride playing with his friend London.  I was a bad daddy and threw some hay at Ben, then realized I was setting a bad example for the kids so I spent the rest of the hayride telling them not to throw hay.  <sigh>

Ben really enjoyed the hayride.

I spy with my little eye: Pumpkins!!

Ben and Dad enjoying the hayride.  You'll notice that Ben had a hat and gloves on.  Daddy did not.  I didn't think about myself and it was GD cold!!

This is how Ben rolls.

Ben grabbed the first pumpkin he saw.  I guess he knows what he likes. 

He wanted to carry his own pumpkin like a big boy.

Everyone who rode the hayride got a pumpkin, so I picked a prime jack-o-lantern pumpkin.

What pumpkin? I don't see a pumpkin here...

Ok so I enjoy throwing hay on top of him.  I'm just glad he enjoyed it too.  And I'm glad Mommy wasn't there right then.  She would not approve. 

When we got back from the hayride I asked Ben what he wanted to do.  The first thing he said was the bouncy.  Kind of silly that they only allowed 2 kids in at a time.   Some of the kids didn't get a chance to enjoy it. 

Look at my ups Daddy!

Ben loved the corn tunnel.  I think he spent a good 30 minutes running back and forth through it.

I'm not the photographer Shannon is.  At least I tried.

Next stop was the tractor ride.  They went off into the corn maze.  But he came back just fine. 

Ben loves riding horses.  Can't remember this guy's name.  I thought Ben was going to fall off because he wasn't strapped in, but he did a great job holding onto the pommel. 

Ben was asleep before we got out of the parking lot.  It was a super fun day.

{obviously written by nick. however, we didn't edit the author. we suck. our apologies. maybe it was because it was a group effort. i uploaded the pics for lazy pants and he did the journaling. gotta love team work.}

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