ten on tuesday 11.27.12

- sorry for no post yesterday. i blame this awful head cold. tried to climb and bed and go to sleep after putting ben down, but got sucked into food network on demand.... so i guess i could have been up scheduling blog posts for the week.

- i tunes match is my new favorite. nick made an oopsie when he ordered my new iphone. accidentally, got the smallest size. found match and it's the best. kinda makes me happy for his mistake. so cool to have all songs available at any given time. loving it at work to listen to some good tunes while charting in front of our new computers.

- how do people think that 'wrighting' is a word. ugh. makes my skin crawl.

- ben and nick were playing a video game this weekend and we hear, 'what the hell.' come out of his little mouth. i cannot stop laughing. inappropriate, i know. nick talks to him. explains those are not nice words. we don't use those words. ben says, 'but the guy killed me.' sigh. finish our conversation. nick unpauses the game and immediately ben says, 'what the hell.' so we pause again. have another talk. and this time, i think it worked. haven't heard it since. thank goodness!

- when we watch football ben always asks who the teams are. nick was telling him that one team was called the baltimore ravens. ben replies, 'oh yeah, the ravens.' a few minutes later he asks daddy if the raisins are the good guys or the bad guys. so cute!

- my husband is amazing. just saying, i'm a lucky girl.

- tree is up. was hoping everything would be done over the weekend. see first bullet. stupid cold! {i didn't leave the house friday, saturday, or sunday.} ben is so cute with it. the ornaments, the lights. all of it. makes decorating worth it. ;) but i'm still taking it down asap!

- went to throw dinner in the crock pot today and couldn't tell if the pork smelled or if it was just me.. stupid cold... asked nick and he confirmed that i wasn't crazy. i hate it when you buy something and it is bad before the expiration. such a waste of money.

- my hands are not ready for this cold weather. let the cracking commence.

- work funny: had a patient who needed a referral to a dr. chang. {his first name consists of initials only} our receptionist turned to ask if she needed an order to give the patient the number to pf changs. um, nope. but are you hungry? :)

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