october pinterest party: tile coasters.

directions here.
was kind of time consuming. suggested lots of time between coats of modge podge. made for a late night with the girls... if only we could get started earlier and not sit and chat and eat and drink first! :)

i lugged a boat load of scrappy papers to ro ro's house. i couldn't decide, so of course, i over packed! took us forever to pick our papers. it's a big decision!

work in process.

my final coasters. stuck to the paper... oops!

val's coasters.

and raquel's. 

i believe there were a few others that were made that i didn't photograph. love when people come to craft night to watch us craft and will just socialize with us. the more the merrier!

and my finalized projects in daylight. 

{yes, that's ki for those of you who know my addiciton. couldn't help myself!}

would be fun to sit down and make a bunch at one time. would be good for teachers with a mug and a gift card or something. was totally my intention to give some away, but i don't think i can now!

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