halloween 2012 - super hero edition.

have to post this before thanksgiving!!

the fun coworkers.
love that we still dress up. i even had a patient tell me they were sad that they didn't come in on halloween.

 it's always a mad dash after work to get everything ready. wanted to make a crock pot meal, went with something new. wasn't very good. ended up having frozen pizzas! oh well! i blame nick. he chose that one!

ben couldn't wait to get outside. 

he didn't really want to go trick or treating. he wanted to stay with grandma and hand out candy.

we convinced him! and then mr. independent wanted to go by himself. 

i think he got a bit flustered when the other group of trick or treaters joined him at this house. we asked him if he said thank you, he said no, turned around and walked back up the driveway. the lady was like batman do you want more candy? and he said, 'no i forgot to say thank you.' and walked away. 

love that my dad kept the super hero theme going. i had no clue he owned a superman shirt! 

total blur. wanted to hurry up and get home.

pardon my crazy sweat pants. it was chilly!

ready to go by himself again. i think the giant stairs made him nervous at a few houses. he did turn around at one house after proclaiming 'their ding bell is too high momma.'

stopping to feed the monsters. 

i think my dad needed a cape. =)

batman and robin.

showing grandma his loot. 

enjoying some candy. 

love that face.
ignore the crazy rotten pumpkin in the background. silly warm weather. but i guess it made them a bit creepier for the holiday. 

it's getting colder. we needed hats and gloves and blankets. 

asking to play with daddy. 

and one last try at trick or treating.

my super heroes.

ben and his pumpkin.

had some visitors that came in to warm up for a bit. enjoyed some umizoomi with ben.

 love that winnie's panda hat was on backwards. she's awesome. 

our halloween tradition. the nightmare before christmas. ben was mesmerized.

my favorite picture from the evening. thank you instagram for making a not so great picture better! 

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