ahh, that's better.

our pots and pans storage drives me bonkers. i almost don't want to cook because i have to go into the abyss that is our cabinets.

have pinned a few ideas here and there. showed nick one and he liked it! i think it helped that it wasn't too much work for him. =)

decided on a whim to tackle the project one weekend. headed to lowe's and bought two separate products. we weren't sure what would fit or work, so we can home with two thinking we could always return one.

good thing we got two. we used them both!

i originally thought the project would be super quick. i mean, it's just taking out pots and pans from one area, installing the racks, then putting the pans back... right?

nope. our kitchen was a mess for like 6 hours. i guess if we're gonna do it, we should do it right! so we reorganized all of our storage. well, nick did.

here are the befores. they are awful. i cringe just looking at them.

next to the stove. our juicer, a crock pot, a popcorn popper, cast iron skillets, random baking pans.

the island. {sorry it's blurry!} looking at it from the sink side: choppers, pans, blender, food processor. random lids, mixer.

and looking from the other side: crock pot, pans, lids. 

the during. shit everywhere!

the handy man hard at work.

ben nabbed a lid and said it was his shield. 

 and the afters.
ahhh. so much better.
the island looking from the sink. one side is pans and lids. the other is blender, dutch oven, and pots.

and pulled out.

and next to the sink.
not the prettiest. but hella improvement.

makes me so happy!
it's the little things. thanks babe for spending so much time on it! xo.

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Lookin good!