ten on tuesday 11.20.12

- jury duty just got serious. not sure i can share specifics on here. but pfwhoa. more details when i can share.

- when i asked ben what he had for lunch one day last week, after listing off his main course he said, 'green bean like balls.' apparently, i don't feed him enough peas!

- cannot believe it is thanksgiving week. so does not feel like it. i'm not ready for christmas!

- played frisbee golf for the first time this weekend. who knew it was possible to be so sore from throwing a damn frisbee for 18 holes!

- song pop makes me want to shazam every song on my phone. or wish i had my old car where the radio told me what every song was!

- ben thinks bob the builder built our house. i don't have the heart to tell him otherwise.

- people were strange today. felt like a full moon or something.

- think nick might get up early for black friday. his psp took a bath in milk this morning, don't ask. went to trade stuff in and buy a new one and they told him he should wait til friday... let's see if he'll actually get up that early! i think my black friday days are way over!

- didn't realize how far behind i had gotten on weekend posts! must try to get back on track.

- think i'm getting sick in time for the holiday weekend. sucks. hoping to go to bed super early tonight and try to keep it at bay. i hate being sick. hoping beaner doesn't catch it either.

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