wip 11.10.12

our amvets pile! was so worried that they would forget to come and get everything! but i do love that i don't have to drag everything to good will! feels so good to purge!

family night! easy one this time. pizzas and pies.
ben and bri being silly after dinner.

ben loved that bri could make a house of cards. 

someone pointed out that her shape may have been a bit questionable...

a few of us played wits and wagers {might be a new favorite of ours.} and the rest watched madagascar 3

ben was a fan of the timer.

then he visited the couch...

the four of us had a great time playing. was crazy how similar our answers tended to be!

i got up early. took ben to the store and was able to put together a few things for a friend who lost her mother unexpectedly.

after seeing the goodies my girlfriend had in her car from a local bakery, we made a quick trip!

spent the day just lounging around and enjoying one another!

a little boy needed lots of 'his guys' to go to bed that evening.

ben thought nick's donut was missing something! apparently, he needed some crunch a la lucky charms.

met john and the girls to see wreck it ralph. super cute. the kids {and adults} really enjoyed it!

typical gabby, drea, and ben!

the boys were killing some time before my brother stopped by... you think they are related?


kevin came to borrow nick's car. had to get my mom a new washer. after k and bacon finished the errand, they hung out for a bit. nick had mentioned that his wii was broken. said he couldn't get the disc out. he ordered some parts. decided since kev was here, they should take a look at it together.

so kevin takes it apart.


and there's no cd in it! nick had a giant brain fart or something. his face was priceless! 

nick surprised me and did some laundry while watching football after the boys left. yay for husbands who fold laundry!


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Kache said...

The bakery sign and the Wii story made me laugh