ten on tuesday. 12.18.12

- i have yet to meet a nut roll i like. yes, i'm not a big sweet person, but do they all have to be so darn dry?

- going to take ben to pick out gifts for his teachers. i'm excited and nervous at the same time!

- could not type doing today. every time i tried it came out dong. i'm sure i missed one and someone will laugh during a chart audit.

- nick was off work for a few days last week, so i let him and ben sleep in those days. the first morning, ben tip toed downstairs while i was making breakfast and said, 'mommy you forgot to wake me up!' tried to explain i was letting him sleep in. i guess three year olds don't appreciate that. ;)

- why when i finally start posting on instagram do they change their terms. what to do... what to do...

- ben's actually watching a charlie brown christmas. i cannot believe it.

- and speaking of ben and christmas. he has lost interest in the 24 books of christmas {see this post}. le sigh. he hasn't opened one since friday. and when i asks, he says, 'no thank you.'

- not sure what's up with the font randomly changing to blue. trying to edit and pay more attention but that blogger is a sneaky one.

-  pretty sure that catching up on photo posts ain't gonna happen tonight... maybe tomorrow? ah, procrastination.

- decided the boxes of rubber maid totes with christmas decorations are going back downstairs... basically untouched. no sense in decorating when i'm just gonna take it down in a week, right? i know, i know, i'm a grinch. i've heard that before!

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