ten on tuesday 12.11.12

- i've decided groceries taste better when nick buys em. ;)

- 90% done with christmas shopping and wrapping!

- still need to get motivated and decorate a bit more, but now i'm thinking it's not worth it for only two weeks. bah humbug!

- seeing snow on tv this weekend made me realize that i miss it. what is that? i hate snow! i mean it's pretty when it's new and sparkly and i think it should only be allowed to snow at night. not during rush hour!

- have a patient who has some missing fingers.  his wife offered up the info on how he lost them. {i can never ask} and she made some comment about how he is no longer allowed to play with power saws. that maybe he would have learned his lesson the first time... he was missing parts of three fingers! ouch!

- my kid has a new obsession with silly socks. and if we run out of silly pairs, he has been insistent upon mixing the pairs we have left. {might be a good little gift if anyone needs ideas.}

- excited that christmas cards are done! freaked a bit when i realized ben's face wasn't visible. nick wasn't too concerned though. you'll understand when you see it.

- must find time in our crazy schedule this weekend to make cookies. hoping i can convince nick to help. maybe even ben!

- took my seat belt off in the driveway today. before the car was stopped like usual. ben said, 'no momma. you'll fall out!' glad to know he listens when i tell him he has to stay strapped in.

- mickey mouse club house's theme song is sung by they might be giants. so cool. nick totally didn't believe me. i might tolerate watching it now just for that reason since i'm not the biggest disney person...

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