ten on tuesday 12.4.12

- finally feeling almost normal after almost two weeks of feeling awful. ;)

- need to do a major cleaning of this house. it's been too long!

- having the hardest time deciding on a cookie exchange cookie. decisions, decisions! and now i'm trying to go egg free. a coworker is vegan and she promised to make us samosas instead of cookies. so i'm going to try to accommodate her since she's making us some pretty intensive stuff.

- need to find energy to finish decorating for christmas and address and mail our christmas cards...

- elfred is back. nothing crazy. just hanging out in random spots. ben likes that he brought him 24 books to open. one for each day until christmas.

- there is a leg lamp in a house i pass on the way to work in the morning. makes me smile every time i notice it.

- took ben to school one morning last week and stopped to buy ben some munchkins. they were 5/$1 or 25/$5.99. what? does the big carton they come in cost $1? i'll take em in a bag if that's the case.

- nick and ben are playing around and ben just turned to him and said, 'i see your tummy button.'

- i miss the cents symbol on my keyboard. and the good ole fashioned division one...
- have fallen off the gift buying bandwagon. better get cracking. christmas is only three weeks away!

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