wip 11.17.12

had a date with my girlfriend to see breaking dawn. nick was bummed but said i could go. we ended up going to a later show, and nick was able to sneak out of work a bit early to join us! i thought it was alright. definitely didn't seem like two hours. love it when movies fly by!

then it was time to relax. just hung out at the house. enjoying each other's company.
a little boy was being very overprotective of his cheez-its!

practicing our golf skills. i think kitty was very intrigued.

enjoying a few quiet moments while nick and i were getting ready. 

ben went on an adventure with jer bear, gibi, and bri.

nick and i wasted time trying to figure out what to do with ourselves. we've never had ben not at home. if we're away he's at home. so strange to not have him in the house for the day.

stopped for dinner at houlihan's. nick hadn't been there in ages. was a nice departure from our usual stops!

they have the best flat bread pizza. not the prettiest looking thing but so good!

decided to see the man with the iron fists. eh. nick was extremely disappointed. i didn't expect anything. i did laugh at some of the cheesy-ness!

someone not following the rules in the theater. like i'm any better since i took a picture, right?

it was sooo cold in there. i had on my gloves, put socks on, and was dreaming about a scarf for the entire two hours!

impromptu frisbee golf outing with jay and chris. love that they still have their pumpkins out. that's why we are such good friends. ;-)

after a starbucks stop, we headed to lemon lake. it was my first time playing. didn't have the highest expectations. actually, was hoping not to play but my lovely friends wouldn't allow that. i believe there was a text to nick about how i needed to go for entertainment value and something about cussing. for the record, miss cooper cursed way, way more than i did!

hello shadow.

hello starbucks and pretty back drop!

here we go!
planning their strategy. um, mine is to get it to go straight and kinda far!

i love fall. so beware of the crazy amount of photos that will be coming up!

see nick trying to stand guard way down there? apparently, they do this often. will knock down a rogue frisbee if necessary!

nick almost lost his favorite disc on the first throw.
going to find it...

have to play it where it lies.

the course we played wasn't very friendly. were random signs posted. thankfully, they have all played before and knew where to go.

the boys started the second hole from a further tee.

chris trying to find nick's frisbee!

a little to the left!

crap. my turn to venture into the weeds!

i was attacked by burrs.

mister i can throw super, crazy far. and here we all thought his super power was catching frisbees?!

i was too chicken to try chris' approach. maybe next time.

her turn to be in the weeds!

my love.

the best sign ever. 'please feed the garbage cans.' i asked nick to take the picture, so it's not the best close up...

there were some amazing white birch's. so, so pretty.

nick almost lost another one to the water. he was lucky that the tree was looking out for him!

hello trees. ;)

i spy a nick.

the weather was gorgeous. and the sky was such a pretty blue!

silly boys. jas was jealous he didn't have to throw from nick's position. apparently, it's his favorite?

loved crunching through the leaves. i'm not sure i would have enjoyed the experience had it been hot and humid. i'll stick with going in the fall!

the leaves were deep! nick almost tripped and fell because he didn't think they were as deep as they were. was quite funny!

the leaves tried to claim my frisbee.

do you see it?

ugh. bad throw!

the coolest bunch of trees.

the tree caught jason's frisbee. he gave it back though.

some funky mushrooms on a tree stump.

spent the afternoon napping off and on. and enjoyed some football.
nick even made dinner! yay and yum.

then he got even more domesticated and pulled out the ironing board and iron. what is wrong with my husband?

and ben wanted to mop!? {i think that my mom has pictures of my brother mopping in his undies when he was about this age too.}

came downstairs to chewbacca helping nick type after putting ben to sleep. silly cat!

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