recipes. part three?

i can't remember how many posts have been strictly devoted to recipes as of late and i'm too lazy to search and find out. ;)

time for some more!

the best margaritas: super good.

cherry beergaritas: also way good.

{don't judge because the first two are alcoholic. ;)}

crock pot italian chicken: according to nick it was good. a keeper. however, i had no taste buds when we had it thanks to a silly cold.

tuscan pasta with tomato basil cream: i thought it was decent. nick was a fan. said i had to keep the recipe!

baked oatmeal: yum. the house smelled delicious when cooking. that's always a bonus. gonna try to mix it up with apples and raisins {think mcd's!} too.

green chile beef tacos: eh. tasted like italian beef. maybe i grabbed the wrong cut of beef. entirely possible and it wouldn't be the first time. 
white pizza grilled cheese:  super tasty. added some pepperoni to a few just to mix it up a bit. dipped em in pizza sauce. 

spicy sausage pasta: holy deliciousness. i used hillshire farms smoked sausage because i had it on hand. i also didn't broil as directed. so good. loved that it's a one pan meal and done from start to finish in 30 minutes. will most definitely be making it again and again.

slow cooker italian sausage and beans: so good. very hearty. perfect fall/winter recipe.  nick approved and was hesitant when i showed him the recipe. love it what that happens.

beer milkshakes: only tried em because nick heard about them at a local restaurant. we went the next day and they were sold out of the beer. found this recipe and gave it a go. wasn't too bad. the hard part was the beer foaming before we blended it. might be really good with a guinness.

reuben casserole: we are big corned beef people. nick said it was really good like five times when he was eating it. i think i would add a bit less cheese and a bit more pickles. oh and i didn't use the caraway seeds. ben was not a fan. said it smelled! he was right... sauerkraut and corned beef is pretty stinky!

sloppy joe grilled cheese: inspired from this post.  i used regular old bread and american cheese. just made my sloppy joe as usual, then put it in the middle of a grilled cheese. yum!

easy pad thai: really good. maybe it was so good because nick cooked it! :)

baked spasanga: cut the cheese down by 2c. was tasty.  nick loved it. makes a boatload! 

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