ten on tuesday 1.31.12

- yesterday's post was my 1000th! holy craziness.

- i hate when you call a place of business and they answer the phone with a 'hello'. ugh, so annoying. you say the name of the business and your name.  such as, 'thank you for calling the doctor's office. shannon speaking. how may i help you?'

- i'm totally in love with toby keith's red solo cup song. {beware link is the unedited version. and dude, i just watched the glee episode where they did this song. hello, i'm only two months behind on episodes!}

- it's light outside at 5:15pm! i almost didn't get ready in time for our dinner plans saturday night because i thought it wasn't late enough since it was still light out!

- monday morning, ben told nick that he wanted to have six fingers and was very disappointed when nick told him he could only have five?!

- am enjoying one of our doctors being on vacation. the schedule is so nice. i wonder if this is what it's like to work in a 'normal' office.

- today ben with me to target to pick up a prescription. he was super good, so i told him he could pick out something. he chose goldfish crackers. rainbow colored, of course. then the lady in the pharmacy asked if he could have a sucker. she kept commenting on how well behaved he was while we waited. so i told her sure. he then walked, prouder than a lion, carrying his goods back to the car. once in the car, i asked him which one he wanted. and he chose the crackers! wha? what kid does that?

- i logged 39.something miles on the elliptical this month. and here i thought i wasn't gonna make 30!

- started my second 'real' book. unplanned. came highly recommended. read the first chapter and thought i was going to cry. {it was during lunch. at work.} texted my girlfriend who gave it to me and was like, 'wtf?! i do not want to be bawling my eyes out the entire book.' she assured me it isn't like that. she did cry. but i'll manage. so i'm hoping i can do it. i think i can, i think i can...

- have the craziest urge to run. i know, right? where did that come from. if i didn't feel god awful {hence the target trip for a rx.} i think i might have ventured out today. oh well. soon enough. and then i'm sure i'll complain about running. ;)

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