ten on tuesday 1.10.12

- did anyone else see the ring around the moon saturday night? it was pretty cool.

- i hate when people use their cell phones while on speaker phone in public. really?

- my coworker told a story about wearing her underwear backwards the other day. i could not get the image out of my mind. and couldn't stop thinking that there is no way she could have done that. then she couldn't understand why we were all confused and laughing... then she admitted they were inside out. huge difference!

- thinking i'm going to give myself a goal of at least 30 miles on the elliptical this month. i think i can. i think i can...

- finally in the mood to read again! yay. however, it's totally effing with my sleep habits. must find a happy medium. or a not so interesting book!

- have a date night this weekend. so excited. xo!

- found another movie that ben likes... how to train your dragon.

- had this for dinner tonight. yummy. would definitely make it again. {side note: i used 3# of sausage. they had a family pack at stracks... was easier and cheaper than buying multiple packages. and it worked just fine.}

- really enjoying kashi's new banana bars. i would give you a linkie but they aren't up on their website yet. ;(

- trying to figure out why i bought myself a new down coat and all this snow garb for ben. not to mention a new snow blower... this 50 degree weather is amazing. so not looking forward to when winter really decides to visit.

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