wip 12.17.11

did my errands in the morning. had to run and get ben from daycare early so we could go to my work christmas party which lasted way longer than i anticipated so i was a wee bit late getting to my mother in law's for girl's night out. oh well. i made it and that's all that matters!

no pictures. only took my iphone out and they aren't the greatest. however, that shouldn't be a problem anymore since my hubby fixed my phone. {he surprised me and fixed the camera that had been hit or miss since we got it. double yay!}

pressner boys christmas festivities in indy.
got up early and had our annual breakfast at round the clock then we began our trip down south. of course, since we were going to indy, the weather had to suck. for the first time this season, we had measurable snowfall. 65 was a nightmare. lots of accidents. they even had part of the northbound section rerouted due to an accident.

didn't take too many photos. nick wanted to use the video camera, so we did. ;) here are a few i did manage to catch.

a nice one of bri and nick.

the brothers pressner.

and ben with savannah. he loved her. loved. he kept call her 'vanna'. totally adorable. and no, we aren't getting a dog. 

oh and i almost forgot... i did snap one of nick's wonderful grab bag gift. hubcaps!

his family tries to do a true 'white elephant' however, some people don't always follow the rules. but in this case, his cousin, had some old hubcaps laying around that he thought would be perfect for someone else! ;)

lazy day.
we read the newspaper...

and baked some christmas snackies. 

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