wip 12.24.11

christmas edition!

nick had to work even though the doctor's office that he is affiliated with was closed, so it was just me and beans.  i spent the day cooking and prepping for christmas eve festivities.
and for some reason, i had the urge to clean our pantry. it's so nice and organized again. crazy how that can get away from you...

i made ben a 'tent' before i dove into the pantry project.  he loved it. so much so, that he wouldn't let me take it down when i was done! and that meant i didn't get to clean as i had hoped, but that's okay because he was enjoying himself and that's all that mattered.

chilling on the rocking chair with all of his animals. and his phone.

since he was so good and let me clean the pantry, i told him he could open his gift from jade and annabelle. 

he was pretty stoked!

my lil bro stopped by unexpectedly and hung out with ben for a bit. both were very interested in nick's new video game.

then nick and i left and headed to house of kobe for michael's birthday. nice, low key dinner. kinda nice to not have a giant group of us. made it so much easier to chat and catch up.

christmas eve!
morning was pretty relaxed. didn't have much to get ready. was nice to have spent friday getting everything ready. and that momma meyer helped and brought over some food too!

did snap many random pictures. they were all of the main event. presents!

yup, he remembered what to do with his bows! :)

showing us his present. {gotta work on that one!}

trying on his new mcqueen slippers.

and the hit present courtesy of grandma. iplay build a road

nick loved it too! 

love that our family photo includes the train! ha.

it wouldn't be a holiday/birthday without grandma and her bottle of liquor.

playing with my fish eye setting...

our delicious, home made apple pie shots.{the yellow bottle is already gone!}

wait?! am i supposed to have three gloves? 

nope! auntie only has one! so funny.

kevin loved his cheesy poofs. so glad i hoarded them since like august! 

and the pillow pet that he was hoping for. now he and ben match!

britt and k.

everyone left relatively early. except the two pictured above. we just visited for a bit. and they helped play santa.

and we are ready for christmas morning!


wasn't too early of a morning. and when we did make it downstairs ben didn't want to stop playing with his new cars and road! took us a few minutes to convince him to go into the family room! silly boy.

dumping his stocking out.

not sure... i think he wanted to not open presents and go play with the road! 

cars puzzle!

a giant book of cars.

then it was time for christmas breakfast with nick's dad and fam.

dueling video cameras.

miss bri and her justin beiber nail polish. 

who knew santa made stops christmas morning?!

whoa. why is santa in my house?

trying to convince the kids to hang with santa. gabby wasn't so sure. brianna tried to convince her!

ben wasn't having it either...

trying to convince ben santa isn't so scary.

we bribed him with candy. whatever. it worked. judge if you want!
{our family photo. i went for the matching two piece jammie set this year.}

not exactly pc but funny. and this is our life and santa had a beer. it happens.

diggin the noise putty that was in his baggie from santa.

then it was nap time. well, for me and ben. nick played video games.
and time for christmas at his sister's.

playing with the settings on the camera. i forget what this one was called...

and the color select option. i guess you can pick what color to highlight. pretty nifty.

rudolph noses were a hit. 

after presents, we did our crackers.

ben modeling his cool crown.

three little reindeer.
sorry about the red eye. i'm lazy since it's nearing the end of this post.

my fanfreakingtastic grab bag gift. my brother is 100% jealous. i'm hoarding all of it. ;)

 then a few quick games of 'jingo' and it was time to head home. gabby and noah weren't feeling to well and we didn't want beaner to get sick, so we called it a night early.

nick and i cleaned up after ben was asleep. made some popcorn and just watched a movie. was a nice end to a long day.

nick had to work. so ben and i went with him. then we went to lunch at bw's. yum.
when we got home it was nap time. yup. for me and ben while nick played video games. then just a lazy afternoon and evening playing with new toys and eating tasty left overs...

both iphone photos.

yum. garbage and cheesy potatoes. so not healthy. so glad it's only once a year! 

then unfortunately back to work. but it was so nice having a long four day weekend.

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Kache said...

The 3 mittens are great. I think you should encourGe Ben to show all his presents like that in pictures, that would be funny throughout the years.
Love cheesy potatoes...