i love reading.

seriously. it's one of my all time favorite things to do. a perfect vacation, to me, would be a beach {or a warm locale with a pool!} and a pile of books. oh and an endless supply of cocktails. ;)

and i even have an entire board dedicated to books on pinterest. yup. i'm a proud bookworm!

i really like good reads. it's an easy way to keep track of what you have read and what you would like to read. as well as what your friends are reading. i did their reading challenge last year. met my goal. i believe it was in the same range as this year's goal... yup, just checked. i read 38 books and my goal was 35. which is not too shabby considering i didn't pick up a book for the entire month of november or december.

this year's goal is 30 books. {i'm setting the bar low so i don't fail miserably. no one said i had to stop at 30, right?}

2012 Reading Challenge

2012 Reading Challenge
Shannon has read 2 books toward her goal of 30 books.

but this year, i'm going to put a modifier on the challenge. i want to read at least six 'real' books. it's so easy to just read all kindle freebies. so by real i guess i mean, not from amazon's freebies for kindle or $.99 for that matter. and not a quick, easy, chick lit read {which are my favorite!} but something with sustenance. does that even make sense? whatever. it does to me!

started the night circus last week. it's my first 'real' book of the year. and a few others on the list: heaven is for real, the immortal life of henreitta lacks, the time traveler's wife {which has been on my night stand forever!}, the descendants {just because i watched the golden globes last night}, the alchemist {thrift shop find that's been on my night stand since this summer...}and maybe a classic or two. or maybe even something to cross off of this list.

on my way home from work today, i stopped at a goodwill store for a sweater for this awesome pinterest party i'm going to on wednesday... i decided to check out their books. came home with four more 'real' books: memoirs of a geisha, into the wildlife of pi, and middlesex.  all for only four dollars! score! and my girlfriend just posted about this book. well, i think it's this book, so that will probably be next on the list since she's letting me borrow it. crazy that i'm in a book mood and she posted about one. yay for good timing. ;D {maybe if i would have written the majority of this post today instead of yesterday {darn me for planning ahead.} i would have changed my goal!


Kache said...

You read my mind... See you really are reading.
I was just looking at goodreads last night for done non-chick lit recommendations!

Carrie said...

Your perfect vacation sounds like my perfect vacation :) And I love goodreads too. Even though I have a nook, I still like 'real books' too.