finally decided on my word.

here is last year's post which includes a linky to my previous words as well. and lemme just say, last year's word was a complete fail! somewhere in the middle of the year, i lost focus. i think that was my first time really not following it through...

back to this year, i was going back and forth between a few. more or less were the two front runners. less just seemed too negative of a word. i added more to the mix for more of a positive spin. but then i didn't think i needed two words, so it was time to think some more. positive was another one that i was debating on, but again, it just didn't feel right.

i saw this on pinterest and it just hit me.

that's it. it's not about more or less of something but choosing what is right for me. for my family. or about positivity. i would have to choose to be positive over being negative. choose it is.  apparently, the original pin from this came from here. and her word is also choose. i really like her take on the word.

then i decided to do a search for 'choose' on pinterest. found another two sayings that i really liked. {i have no clue where they are from, they were uploaded by user...}

so i choose choose because i want to remember that i always have a choice. no matter what.

*and after typing and italicizing all those chooses... it's such a funny looking word. ;P

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