ten on tuesday. 1.24.12

- is it sad that i go to starbucks for their iced tea lemonades and not their coffee?

- last week nick was so sleepy, he was fully dressed and sat down on the bed and tried to put boxers on over his scrubs! i mean, i have forgotten if i used shampoo or conditioner but never tried to dress myself twice.

- there is nothing better than a fountain coke. okay, maybe a fountain cherry coke. ;)

- i hate when commercials are aired and the thing they are advertising is expired. i heard something today on the radio for something january 14. um, hello. it's ten days later.

- scramble with friends might be my new iphone addiction. it's like boggle with friends. i love word games!

- finished my first 'real' book. onto the next one! and i've gone back to reading two different books. one for elliptical-ing and one for regular reading.

- cannot get over how damn adorable it is when ben reads a story. he melts me. so cute.

- dislikes that both of the boys have a terrible cough. thankfully, ben is on the mend.

- loved when ben sang happy birthday to nick. 'happy birthday to my dadda'....

- i think i've decided that as much as i enjoy looking back on this blog, that i'm not going to kill myself trying to post. which is why i think that i'm going to continue with my wip posts. sure, they aren't up to date, but at least they give me a glimmer into what we did at said point in time. and if i miss a few little things in our daily life, that's okay. at least i have something documented on a regular basis. {however late it may be!} and it encourages me to pick up and use my camera which has totally fallen by the wayside since i stopped doing my daily picture... and these ten on tuesdays seem to do a pretty good job of reminding me of some day to day randomness. so they are definitely staying!


Carrie said...

I go to Starbucks for their hot chocolate, if I can make it past the yucky coffee smell :)

And fountain sodas are THE BEST!

Kache said...

I agree with Carrie lol!

I love fountain Coke too, yummmm.

I think the weekly post is a great idea.