twelve on thursday 1.5.12

- was watching the price is right the other day. {it's celebrity week... snoop was on!} they had a trip to napa valley that featured a stay at the river terrace inn. that's where we stayed when we went. so cool! {picture can be seen here. don't have the digital images anymore. stupid external hard drive and i'm too lazy to scan. so this is what you get.}

- went to house of kobe right before christmas and i'm not a fan of the food. well, i am. but i don't feel the greatest after eating it. this time even though i do not like seafood, i decided to order sushi instead of a meal. holy craziness... i liked it. and even more scary... my favorite was the eel. not the tuna or the crab but the eel?!

- why can't all web pages have a scroll to the top button in the bottom right hand corner? oh pinterest, how you spoil me!

- nick wanted to get the connect for xbox, so we did. and we are totally enjoying the heck out of just dance 3 and fruit ninja. couldn't believe how tiring it was!

- got new towels yesterday. the first ones since our wedding shower. total splurge. can't wait to use em. nothing like a big, soft, fluffy towel to keep you warm on a cold morning! and so funny how we were willing to spend our 'spending' money on so many other things and not the necessities.

-our january calendar is way less hectic than our previous ones. however, it is only the 5 {3rd when i'm writing this} and things are bound to fill in quickly. especially since it's a birthday month.

- nick got a new computer game right before christmas. star wars something or something. he confessed that he got a little teary eyed during the intro. dork!

- trying to decide if i'm going to keep up with the picture a day thing. and for the record, i did complete 2011. yay me. i didn't upload them all to shuttercal just yet. bad me.

- today {tuesday} wasn't as crazy as it should have been at work. thankfully, the busier of the two doctors wasn't feeling well, so we were able to reschedule a few patients. i know. totally not nice to be excited that someone was not feeling good. but seriously, it would have been hectic otherwise. and i'm pretty sure tomorrow {wednesday} is gonna be pretty freaking exhausting so i'm preblogging!

- ben has quite a collection of stuffed animals that he insists on taking to bed. they are all little which makes it easier but when we are hauling puppy, penguin, polar bear, kangaroo, monkey, and now elephant as well as the turtle mini pillow pet up and down the stairs it is getting a bit ridiculous. he's cute, so i guess i'll let him keep them. for now.

- nick ordered some items from snorg tees. he got 2/4 wrong. wait. positivity might be my word for the year. so let me rephrase that... he got 2/4 right! clearly, he cannot be trusted to purchase anything online!

- picked ben up from daycare the other day and the one teacher commented on how polite he is. yay! so proud. ;D

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