ten on tuesday 1.17.12

- trying to figure out how to blog this year. pretty sure that i'm going to keep the wip. they make me smile. but i'm not going to focus on taking pictures of everything. it's too much. so the posts may be smaller, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. and i've decided that the picture a day is a no go for 2012. pretty sure i'm keeping these posts too. it's a fun way to get a glimpse of our day to day interactions... and they're becoming easier since i'm making notes in my phone through out the week.

- it's funny that having a little boy who is in love with trains makes getting stopped at a railroad crossing fun and that sometimes i'm secretly hoping to get stopped by a train on our way to or from where ever we are going. ;)

- think that i'm done with resolutions. i always forget what they are or lose sight of them at some point through out the year. i'm thinking that monthly goals/projects will be more realistic.

- am only at 10 miles on the elliptical this month. i blame going backwards and doing interval training a few times. maybe i should hurry up and finish this post, so i can get upstairs and work on that! :)

- brought ben home white castle for dinner one day last week. i gave him the bag that had the burgers and chicken rings inside and told him he could open it when we got inside {we were walking into the house} and told him it was because he was such a good boy and tried everything momma and dada made for dinner that week. he was so excited. we got inside and got all settled in and i told him he could now open the bag.  he did. and pulled out the napkins that were on top and said, 'thank you for the napkins momma' so damn enthusiastically i couldn't even stand it. he's so cute. but then i told him the napkins weren't the present. that there was more and he squealed in delight when he figured out what his pressie really was. xo.

- have managed to keep our schedule relatively light. it's kind of strange. i feel like we are forgetting to do something!

- saw the girl with the dragon tattoo. good movie. doesn't seem as long as it is. however, i am questioning something in the movie and how it was presented in the book. if you read this and saw the movie, we might need to talk!

- guess i jinxed us with my post on the weather. we finally got snow {a little more than 5"} and the weather is getting chilly. good news is that my new coat is amazingly warm.

- showed nick some of my 'pins' today. more specially the home organizing and let's make it pretty categories. and he's totally agreeable to most of the projects. we're gonna divide them up and have some his and hers. honestly, i'm hoping for more hims. ;) so excited. can't wait to actually decide on our first project!

- came across this website while looking into one of our projects. {totally safe for work.} and i'm totally color coding the bookshelf project {or at least some variation of it} that will hopefully end up in our room sooner rather than later!


Carrie said...

saw the movie and read the book, although I read the book last summer. thought it was an excellent movie, looking forward to the next one!

Kache said...

Haven't read it, sorry.
The rainbow bookshelves make me happy. I don't own enough to do it myself though.