wip 12.31.11

ahhh. so far behind. i think that's why i stop posting. i feel so overwhelmed. goal for february... catch up and stay caught up!

family night with nick's dad's side. always good times. especially when our new xbox kinect gets used!

but first ben and i did some shopping. he was insistent on the cart with the car on the front. and then about halfway through wanted to walk. {those carts sucks. they hold less and steer for garbage. but oh well...}

 enjoying a yummy treat for listening and walking next to his momma.

then it was time for some yummy food and good company.

brianna showed ben a new game. temple run, if you dare. just saying. 

and nick playing fruit ninja. {i promised no incriminating videos or pictures of us dancing, so i'll just share one of nick.}

new year's eve.
nick and his dad and his uncle played frisbee golf during the day.
while they were gone, ben decided he wanted to be like daddy. ;)

it was pretty funny watching him try to walk with those on....

then it was time to chill with a few friends for the evening. nothing crazy. just a small get together. which ended up turning into a very late night. we played games and laughed. totally felt like we were back in college! and the kids had a blast too. win win!

i have no clue what they were up to.

ben sandwich. braiden was not pleased.

they thought the couch was a monkey gym. 

playing xbox.

wynn and ben watching intently.

the littles got their own shot glasses full of apple juice for the evening. ;)

the kick ass fruit basket.

the two year olds enjoying their twos...

time to dance!

time for dress up. yes, ben dresses in a skirt/dress evey time we visit.

i love him. <3

the kids singing. apparently, wynn does a killer lady gaga impersonation. i believe, born this way, is her favorite.

and ben trimming baby's nails. so strange. ;P

somebody pretending that he was sleeping. {we were all tired for a bit. then we hit our second wind.}

more dress up. a tutu this time! 

our first picture of the new year! 

one of our favorite games to play. used to be because it was quick. however, when you play with jason, you have to explain all your answers. this then becomes know me 'not so' fast.

the kids around 4am.

laziness.  and lots of temple run.

{i have pictures, but this post is overloaded and they aren't anything spectacular, so i'm leaving em out.}

nick had to work. so we also stopped at kohl's along the way. it was surprisingly not crowded.  then went to chili's for a quick lunch and headed home to nap. well, at least ben and i napped.
then my mom came over and nick and i went to see mission impossible in imax. good flick... think i posted that previously....
{and again i'm saving pictures to make this a bit shorter!}

and now that i'm done with this, i'm so happy i do these. i love looking back. i know i've said it before but it must be true if i keep coming back to it, right?!

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Kelly Birrell said...

temple run and fruit ninja. addictive. but why?!?! o, and try flight controller. dang mara for turning us all onto those darn games!