a few good recipes...

since pinterest is cooperating, i'm gonna share some yummies.
and then i'll share some not so yummies. because, hey, you gotta take the good with the aad, right?

the good:
parm garlic linguine - try this now. it's delicious and simple. add more or less garlic and cheese to your taste liking. i doubled the recipe. seriously. make this. ;)
italian sausage stew - yum. definitely a keeper. served it with some crusty butter bread.
chicken enchillada pasta - pasta and mexican. can't go wrong, right?!
frito pie - hello. the title includes fritos. total win.
pepperoni roll ups - not exactly my style. but nick and ben ate it. was a quick and easy recipe with ingredients we almost always have on hand. good in a pinch for sure.
lunch lady sloppy joes - nick loves manwich. seriously, when i tell him i'm making sloppy joes he is disappointed if i'm trying something new. but i told him we were trying this one. the sauce was easy. i played around with a few of the ingredients. but the string cheese was so fun! loved that it got all gooey. and it was different than just added american cheese which i had never thought of before pw's sloppy joes! potato chips yes. cheese no. and now that i just watched rachael vs guy, i'm adding dill pickles next time and maybe some bourbon!
unstuffed peppers - tasted like a stuffed pepper! might add a bit more peppers next time though.
penne and smoked sausage - can't go wrong with smoked sausage.

the not so good:
sweet and sour chicken - no flavor. so disappointing.
slow cooker cheesy chieken and rice - again kinda bland. we are big flavor people in this house.
cheesy chicken pot pie cups - the ratio was off. too much biscuit. i think i bought the wrong size. i think nick tried to make it work and the overall taste was okay. maybe spice up the mixture a bit.
pierogi casserole - didn't really taste like pierogies. wasn't awful. just wasn't what we were hoping for.

phew. i think that's most of em. i'm sure i'm forgetting a few. gonna have to dig through our recipe binder and share more favorites.  and you can always search by label and find some older recipe posts if you really want to!

k. time to find a snack. all this food talk is making me hungry! :D

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Carrie said...

Since I've been a kid, it's a slice of American cheese on the sloppy joe :) Never thought about string cheese and using a hotdog bun, hmmm...will pass that one on to the boys!