2 pinterest and 1 bonus project.

so since i'm a pinnaholic i have high expectations for some projects around our house. showed nick a few and he was game. we have two bigger ones on the horizon. did a few small ones over the weekend.

we organized our one cabinet that stores all of our canned goods. got the idea here. and nick is super handy {who knew?!} and did an amazing job. we had to get the racks custom cut. and he played around with spacing and anchors. but he did it. and then i got to put all of the cans away. i was in organizing heaven!

i don't have any before pictures. sorry. nick got overly excited and pulled everything before i had a chance to snap any. but i'm pretty sure you can imagine the before. just close your eyes and picture cans everywhere. no rhyme or reason to where they were placed because even though at one point they were in the correct area, at some point, someone pushed it aside to get something else and never moved it back...

so you'll have to settle for during and after. ;)

nick removed one shelf. 

and added three racks.

and voila. organized pantry.

it is so nice being able to see everything. so nice. it's not so easy to get a can from the back out, obviously. but my plan is to rotate everything when i'm putting the items away after shopping. hopefully, this will reduce some waste since i have found some cans that were way, way past expiration in there.

our second project was to put some magnetic sheets inside the cabinet doors.  the link from pinterest is broken. i hate that. anywho. here's a link to the blog that it came from, i guess.

i think i want one more on the left hand side. lowe's only had three when we were there. so i was able to take some of the clutter off of the side of the refrigerator. {sucks having a non magnetic stainless refrigerator. but some times i like it since it can't get all crazy with magnets and drawings and stuff!}

the third project was to get rid of our faux drawers. stumbled across a kit while we were at lowe's and nick wanted to give it a try. i have no pictures. but here's a link. at some point, i want to redo our cabinets. {not exactly sure how but i'm looking.} and when i find something that we agree on, i believe we will be adding handles. so that will make opening these new drawers a little easier because right now they are tricky!

hopefully, nick will be starting one of our bigger projects this week. {the less ambitious of the two!} i will try to make sure to have before and afters for that one!

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