wip 1.14.12

stayed home with the wee man. pretty sure we did a whole bunch of nothing.

he did at some point, pack is 'pack pack' and built some sort of ben's area over in the dining room. was so proud when it was all set up. wanted me to come over and see his spot. so here it is...

had a completely strange lunch. all items he requested: cheese, crackers, hot dogs, and peanut butter on toast with chocolate chips. {which is what nick and i usually have for breakfast.}

made a trip to costco but stopped at outback first. had a nice diner with kevin and spent way too much money at costco! 

i did some grocery shopping. couldn't go on my usual day because of the snow...
nick wasn't feeling too hot. but we he had already arranged for his mom to come over after work so we could go out. we decided to give it a go. that we would forget about dinner out and just head to a movie. no sense in wasting time, money, and gas to go somewhere nice when he wasn't up to it. saw the girl with the dragon tattoo. two thumbs up. and got mexican and came back home and chilled. i'm pretty sure he was asleep on the couch by nine. {not gonna share those boring pictures.}


a lazy sunday.
no real pictures to share.

{doing this post made me realize that i'm missing my photos from every day. i think i just might have to restart that... yes it was a pain but it was so nice to see those random, every day moments. hmmm...}

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