wip 1.28.12

same ole, same ole.
then family night that evening.

ben enjoying gibi's super sparkly phone case.

ran some errands to do the under sink project and the pantry shelves.
ben fell asleep moments before we pulled into the parking lot. he actually stayed asleep when we took him out of the car. and stayed that way for quite some time. which is amazing because that boy does not sleep in public.

then it was time to go to the city. yay fun with friends. it had been a while. so it was nice to get out. had a heck of a time getting to dave and steph's condo. first an accident on 94. then this super silly semi who disconnected himself from his trailer that he some how got wedged in the middle of the road. crazy, chicago drivers. sheesh.

we made it! time for some byob and a tasty dinner at de colores.
some random iphone photos...

 after dinner a few of us headed back to dave and steph's for a bit. then it was time to head back home.

time to finish all those projects. ;)
for some reason ben was insistent upon wearing his hat at breakfast. pardon the iphone photos...

then it was work, work, work! for nick at least. ben and i played, played, played.  until it was time for me to organize the canned goods!

and mister chewbacca trying to steal some of ben's pistachios. that cat is silly.

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Kache said...

Chewbacca is so cute!!

Good luck with all your projects