wip 1.7.12

i should preface this post with the following: the last two months of 2011 were exhausting. we had stuff every weekend. we i made a conscious effort to lighten our load for the first few weeks so we could recoup. ;)

ben went to school so i could putz around the house and shop.
i picked him up from daycare and we were off to get some new shoes. i love big n little. any who. had given him some juice when i picked him up and a minute later i hear, 'momma take a picture of me. look what me did.' somehow he ended up with juice on his face and was insistent that i get a picture!

shoe shopping was a cinch. no more red shoes though. ;( i kinda miss them. and since i'm behind, i can say that ben did too. he was always asking to wear the red ones. maybe next time buddy...

breakfast with john and bill and the girls. ben now knows to ask for his balloon creation when we are leaving the restaurant. it only took one visit. amazing what they'll choose to retain.

then it was a belated christmas celebration for the kids and some xbox for all.

nick and i enjoyed some more xbox when we got home. tried out a few of the games we hadn't had a chance to play yet.

ben and i built some crazy roads with his new cars puzzle. and chewy wanted to play too.

ben and his animals. grainy phone pic. sorry!

ben loves sports. seriously. all of em. he loves playing bowling and volleyball on the kinect. and is surprisingly good at bowling. 

and using his new pressie from santa. he's really good about only coloring at the table. thank goodness! can't imagine having crayon everywhere. 

pretty much spent in our lazy clothes. all day long. so nice!

coupons for momma during naptime...

our lazy dinner. pizza delivery! 

ben kicked daddy's butt at matching. 

totally great way to spend the first weekend of 2012!

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