wip 2.4.12

so much for catching up in february. ;)

the usual during the day stuff. cleaning, shopping, watching project runway. still not sure what i think of the new judges.
then i headed to dinner with nick's mom and aunt that evening. had some really yummy food.

crummy iphone shot of my dinner. nothing beats a good risotto.

we couldn't decide on a movie. so we headed back to nick's aunt's to visit and eat some ice cream treats.

this picture just cracks me up. his facial expressions are ridiculous.
i think i took the picture because he was rockin his lightening mcqueen slippers.

then we ran some errands. headed to kohl's for some new rugs for the downstairs bathroom. ben enjoyed a new pb and j treat. {thanks for the tip aunt michelle!}

then we stopped at our favorite shoe store.  nick needed some new trainers for work. {i love pretending i'm brittish...}

 ben coloring away while we were waiting.

and then it was date night.
time for cooper's hawk, since we didn't get to go a few weeks earlier...
love that we can do our complimentary tasting, yay for being a member, while we are waiting for our table.

decided to try the cheese and wine pairing for our appetizer. we have never tried their pairings before. we will definitely be doing it again.

and the entrees.
tried the medallions. i think my favorite was the parm. crusted.

and whatever nick ordered. :)

was a great dinner. got to talk lots. makes me happy that we still enjoy each other's company.
couldn't decide what movie to see. had a few we discussed before we left for dinner. we were deciding to call it a night and just hit redbox on the way home when nick noticed he missed a phone call... had to go to work. so i guess it was a good thing we didn't really want to see anything!

me chilling at his work. thankfully, he didn't have to be there for too long! and yay for his coworkers that live nearby so we didn't have to drive all the way home and back since we didn't have his work keys with us!


kept getting spooked by a super scary ghost while we were cleaning!

enjoying some of his discovery toys. i think these might have been the most used item we bought.

and the boy was obsessed with putting EVERYTHING in the bathroom. at least he wasn't wanting to put everything in the toilet?!

our supe rbowl fixings. three pw recipes: whiskey sliders, hot wings, and french fries. nick did a great job cooking everything. i think the wings were my favorite.

snuggled up rooting for the giants. {we were totally undecided until game time.}

nick's mom visiting with ben. 

 and the majority of our evening was spent playing frisbee, soccer, or basketball.

nice, relaxing evening in. i think nick might have wanted to venture out to our friends for the game. or even have had a few over. but i thought it was perfect!

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Kache said...

Ok, now I'm hungry.
Love Ben's pajama expression. He might have a career on SNL.