ten on tuesday 2.2812

- after posting my wip yesterday, i decided that i just needed to sit down and catch up. so i did. and now the rest of the week will be filled with weekend only posts. let's see if i can keep on track for march. ;)

- i think it should be illegal for sirens to be in songs/music.

- cannot get enough of this song. krystn, it made me smile when i heard the glee version on your blog! {no longer embedding videos. mess with my layout too much, so you get a linky.}

- love this alarm clock for ben. he understands it. {we've done green means go at stop lights forever.} and now we don't get yelled for until at least 7 am. awesome!

- pinterest party tomorrow! so excited. not sure who is coming, but i'm excited even if it's only 3 of us!

- made avocado grilled cheeses for dinner yesterday. thank you pinterest for that idea! i think i need to do another all recipe post soon...

- think we finally have our vacation destination figured out. but who knows. i thought that yesterday and we completely changed our minds! i just know that i'm excited... where ever it may be!

- am the proud new owner of another lisa leonard necklace. thanks for the birthday pressie ben. or should i say dadda. ;) {ben loves this song. asks for me to sing it to him regularly.}

- my new purse finally came! i was so undecided on what to purchase. searched etsy for weeks. it combines two of my current obsessions: yellow and chevrons. it's so cute. just wish the opening was a teensy bit bigger. but i love the pocket across the front.

- bought a bridal shower gift from here. totally recommend em if you're looking for something personalized. will definitely purchase from them again! {and no, they have no clue i'm posting about their fabulous product!}

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Kache said...

That song is too addictive (or some other word that makes more sense there!)

Grilled cheese and avacado, very interesting. Have to look that up.

I wish I felt creative enough to have a pinterest party.

Love the new purse!