another pinterest post.

i believe this is the only other completed pinterest project that i've yet to share here.
the board said i pinned this 38 weeks ago. really, i've almost been on pinterest for a year. that's crazy.

here's a link to the original.
i did mine sometime in the fall. maybe november. i can't remember and i'm feeling a bit too lazy to go through my photos to figure it out!

here's my version.
{sorry about the not so great photo... took it on my phone one morning before work.}

i know... i don't wear too much make up. but it was nice to get it off of the counter and out of a drawer. i did have a small cup to put up there but i gave up trying to get it to stay after it fell down a few times. {nothing like being startled out of a deep sleep because your make up came crashing down!} so there is a small cup on the counter with small tube items. {lip gloss, mascara, and some eye shadows}
and it's kinda fun to have something useful where some random art work or picture might be.

i'm working on another project for the bathroom. waiting for an etsy seller to get back to me. hope i can knock another project off of my to do list!

and nick's project should be done tomorrow! yay for actually utilizing some of the pins... kind of justifies my crazy obsession, right? ;P

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Kache said...

I really like that. Not sure I have room in my bathroom, but I still want to make one.