ten on tuesday 2.7.12

- saw the big waste on food network. it's totally making me rethink or buying/eating habits. would absolutely recommend watching it.

- nick is super close to finishing our smaller home improvement project! so proud of him.

- we realized that our big project might require some other home improvements first. funny how a relatively inexpensive project can turn into something much bigger. it's okay! we're gonna work it out. and we're both still way excited.

- i love hearing baby giggles coming from upstairs. it's bath time and i'm blogging. they make my heart smile.

- was kind of disappointed with this year's super bowl commercials. really liked the m & m one! {maybe it's just that darn song!} both of the dorito ones were pretty funny too. there were a few others that i can't think of off the top of my head.

- was excited for the giants despite the fact that there were some many boilers on new england's team.

- had coffee today for the first time in weeks. i was surprised at how much i enjoyed it! didn't think i had missed it until i had a sip. then it a was like, 'hello coffee. i missed you!'

-carrie, thank you so much for the thomas magazines. i keep forgetting to email you. sorry. it just popped into my head so i'm putting here, before i get distracted again.

- gonna try to make a to do list for february. maybe...

- ben yelled for dadda in the middle of the night {which isn't very common} the other day and when nick went in there all he said was, 'cover my animals daddy.' that kid is a hoot.

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