ten on tuesday 2.21.12

- finally decided on a song for my ring tone. problem is, that i like the song so much, i don't want to answer the phone. {kinda like the scrubs episode where jd has 'bye bye bye' as his ring tone and forgets to answer it because he's too busy dancing!}

- what's your number was pretty darn entertaining.

- took my first hot yoga class friday. loved it! i can't believe how much i missed yoga. sooo thankful there is a studio so close to home, that has amazing hours. totally signing up for unlimited monthly visits. ;) however, i was quite nervous before i went. it had been over four years since i've participated. texted a girlfriend, who teaches yoga in the chicago,  for support and her reply, 'stand by a wall in case you feel like you're gonna pass out!' geez, that didn't freak me out. but i was fine. i cannot wait to go back.

- nick yelled at ben and ben came running over to me and said, 'daddy yelled at my face. tell him that's not nice.' it's so funny that it's not just daddy yelled at me, but yelled at my face.

- had ben in short sleeves for the first time in forever last week. he was beyond confused when he went to eat and there were no sleeves to be pushed up. he turned to me and said, 'what happened momma?'

- nick finished his project! have to finish some final details, hopefully this weekend, and then i'll share pictures.

- nick and i are trying to plan a get away for the just the two of us. i'm excited and yet overwhelmed by the list he sent me! and i love that he took the time to do research.

- some changes at work have been making my job so much easier. much less stressful. yay!

- haven't been very good at getting on the elliptical lately. must work on that for march.

- top chef finale this week. can't wait! so glad it won't be bev...

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Kache said...

Yelled at my face, I like that.
And the sleeves thing is very funny!

I really liked What's Your Number. Anna Farris is too funny.