wip 1.21.12

the usual. beaner went to school and i stayed home to clean and shop.

caught the cutest picture after ben's bath... a quick i phone snap.

i was feeling fancy and edited the picture. who knew?! ;) the original is actually my screen saver on my phone. proud momma. xo.

annabelle's birthday party. headed to bellaboos. ben's first bellaboo's experience...

and now i'm feeling lazy. so  much harder to edit a million pictures. so ignore the red eyes and funkiness of the following. maybe one day i'll find time.

ben wanted momma to join him in the play area. so i did...

some how he ended up all turned around when he came down the slide!

playing in the balls. 

watch out dadda. we're gonna get you!

and fun in the water room.

trains! quite possibly his favorite part.

someone was thirsty.


pretty sure we came home and crashed. might have ran some errands. honestly, my brain is fried. i have no clue. but i'm hitting on the major points!

family get together with my family. nothing big. my mom brought some food and we chilled. and celebrated nick's birthday.

family photo op!

some how, some one, ended up with a bow on their back. i'm pretty sure i know the guilty party... mom. ;)

and playing some football while watching some football.

happy birthday dada. silly nick photo but it was snapped moments before ben blew out all the candles before anyone could see it coming. was quite funny.

 then it was time for some fun on the xbox. yes, i'm being nice and not sharing photos.  fun times and yes videos were taken. i just can't help myself.

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psucolleen said...

I can't even stand how cute that first picture of Ben is. Actually, they're all cute but geez! It's so cute I want it as MY screen saver! :0)

And Happy Birthday to Nick! And again to you! :)