37 weeks.

and exhausted.
the late night get together with friends so didn't help. and thanks for letting me pass out on the couch guys. ;o)
have pics from last week. too lazy to post.
didn't take pictures yet today. maybe tomorrow. had a late night last night {christmas in february with the friends!} then got up early to head to harrisons with nick's mom's side of the fam for my birthday celebration. got this cutie for bean's room. good times.
now i'm home, ready for a nap and nick's at volleyball. figured i should update.

so 37 weeks. can't believe how time flies. yes, i say that a lot but it's so true. nick and i were talking about that while we were laying in bed this morning. he told me he would miss our morning talks. that he would have to bring bean in, so they could continue!
had my check up last week. i'm now on weekly visits! got yelled at for my weight. oh well, i really don't think i've been that crazy. or maybe i should blame those pesky coldstone cupcakes i blogged about a while back. ;o)
otherwise everything is okay. and we've finally made all the payments towards our bill. woohoo!
can't believe bean could be over 6 pounds. and considered full term. nuts! and i still need to pack the darn hospital bag.
totally thought i had given myself salmonella this week. not fun. i had grabbed a peanut butter granola bar and thought nothing of it. wednesday i was sicker than a dog. hot/cold. sweating up a storm. sick. not fun. when i got to work on thursday it dawned on me that it could have been recalled. yes, it had been that long since i had eaten one of the bars. after some research, i found out they weren't recalled. phew. but ever since kidlet has been kicking the shit out of my ribs. it's lodged under the right ribs. painful. can totally stop anytime!


Laura Vigliarolo said...

37 weeks, it could be any day now. How exciting.

TracyDacy said...

so glad it wasn't salmonella - be careful shan!!! hang in there, you don't have much longer.

Kache said...

evil peanut butter
what a cute bear buddy thing, I like those

rest up.

Heather said...

if you ever need to feel better about weight gain, I gained about 90 with Cameron, and we're all fine now :) Can't believe it's almost time! Crazy- been outta the blog world for a bit, but catching up now... get that sleep in now while you can!

psucolleen said...

you sound exhausted in your post. Maybe because your first sentence said you were and I just read it with exhausted eyes. :)

Glad you're feeling better than you were last week! phooey peanut butter scare.