bean's room.

final product. i think. ;o)

sorry about lighting. but hopefully, you get the idea.
looking into the room from the doorway.

not sure what is up with the funky shadow. i apologize...
a different view from the doorway view. carpet/rug was a recent addition. carpet was not going to get replaced. found this at lowes and thought, why not?!

crib purchased by my awesome grandma. see the halloween theme she was worried about?! ;o)

head on shot. blurry? not sure why. sorry.

bookshelf i painted way back when. realized it wasn't gonna cut it so we ended up buying a bigger one.
sponge bob hand drawn and colored by nick's 'stepsister' so much easier to describe her that way than his dad's girlfriend's daughter.

newly purchased bookshelf from crate and barrel. love it! you can't tell from the picture. but some of the backs are open so the orange wall shows through. and these aren't even half of the books. have two rubbermaid containers waiting for bean to get older. super generous donation from nick's aunt! ;o)
again, stupid shadow... sorry.

awesome canvas prints i found at art.com. yuko lau is the artist.

nightstand. cheapie lamp from target. an awesome clock i found from target too. you can change the colors. i think there is like 7 combos or something. fun!

a giraffe i absolutely adore and an etsy print...
close up of the top of the bookshelf. might have to rearrange. unsure about this...

bean's doll collection. love them!

the closet. nick did an awesome job installing the organizers. still a work in progress...
if you have organizational tips, send em over!

a close up of the bedding. which can be seen here.... which was the total inspiration for the room. well, i kinda knew i wanted something with these colors and i just happened to find it. yay!

k. think that's it. ;o)


Carrie said...

LOVE.LOVE!! Bean's room. So cheerful, and great to see a departure from the traditional (or at least from what I'm used to seeing in these parts all the time. Can't believe it's only two weeks away, soooo exciting!!

Kache said...

Awesome room. Just awesome!
Love the color combo you chose. I also love the doll collection, very timeless. Great finds everywhere, and I'm very big on the black accents, cool.

Anonymous said...

Shannon - bean's room looks fantastic - love the colour and all the fun goodies - I love the canvas prints ! Not long to go now !!